Things You May or May Not Know about Tuxedo Cats

You might think they’re just like any other cat, but there are a few things that set them apart. First, let’s talk about how they got their name. They were originally called “Black and White” cats because of the markings on their fur coats. The word tuxedo comes from an old English word meaning “to dress up.” So in essence, it means dressed up cats!

In this post we have compiled all the important information about tuxedo cats to answer all your questions. So, let’s take a look at the 9 fun facts about Tuxedo cats.

1. Tuxedo Cats Are Not a Cat Breed

A lot of people end up asking about the breed of their tuxedo cat, but there is nothing like a tuxedo cat breed. Their coloration pattern can occur in the British Shorthair, American shorthair, Norwegian Forest Cat, Scottish fold, Turkish Angora, and Maine Coon.

No, tuxedo cats are not a particular breed. Instead, they get their name from the bi-colored, distinct markings on their coats that look like a tuxedo.

2. Tuxedo Cats’ Genetics Cause Their Coat Variations

Just like tortoiseshell and calico cats, tuxedo cats get their amazing coats from their genes. Before, It was long believed that their two-colored layers were the result of slow pigment cells that could not reach all parts of cats’ embryo before it was completely formed.

However, a more recent theory may discredit this long-accepted hypothesis.

Despite the fact that tortoiseshell, calico, and tuxedo cats share some of the genetic similarities that determine their markings, one major difference between them is that most tortoiseshell and calico cats are female, but when it comes to the tuxedo cats, they have an equal number of males and females.

3. Tuxedo Cat Fact Every Cat Person Should Know – They Were Worshipped in Ancient Egypt

Cats have greatly influenced the life of ancient Egyptians. They were famous as household companions and worshiped equally.

Many black cats were worshiped worldwide for several reasons.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped Tuxedos because they brought good luck and fortune. This shows the popularity of Tuxedo cats in ancient history.

In fact, many Egyptian deities were represented as cats. For this reason, they frequently appeared in royal tombs, hieroglyphics, and goldsmithing. It will surprise you to know that about 70 percent of the cats shown in these ancient arts and tombs were tuxedo cats.

4. They Are Always Photogenic

This might sound like a very weird tuxedo cat fact but I’m yet to see anyone who doesn’t like to see a picture of a Tuxedo cat in a stylish pose. Their striking color patterns and their overall neat appearance make them very attractive in every picture.

There is hardly any bad picture of a tuxedo cat. They are all photogenic in nature. Tuxedos have a natural flair for a picture. Any pose of tuxedos just looks cute, whether sitting, lying, playing or just sleeping.

Tuxedo cats look adorable in pictures and their poses are amazing as if they know they are photogenic and good looking.

They are always ready for the shoot. You don’t have to get them ready, you just have to focus on these elegant cats and snap them any time of the day, and the photo will surely receive a lot of praise.

5. They Are Very Intelligent

Each breed of cat has an attractive quality that stands out from the rest. Even though Tuxedo is not a breed they tend to be very intelligent cats. Most people who own these beautiful cats will attest to their intelligence.

They are smarter than the average domestic cat. The intelligence of this cat makes them born leaders.

Therefore, if you want to train a cat, look no further than these elegant tuxedos because of their intelligence.

Tuxedos are twice as intelligent as the average housecat. Any owner of a tuxedo and any other common cat will definitely understand the difference. Many of them claim that tuxedos display remarkable levels of intelligence.

They care about all the activities around them, and this is an indication of their intelligence. In addition, it was observed that in the family where a common cat and tuxedo cat lives, the influence of a tuxedo cat helps improve the intelligence of a normal cat by at least 15 percent.

6. Simon The Tuxedo Cat Was a War Hero

Legend has it that all through World War II; a tuxedo cat by name Simon contributed greatly to the war. Simon did what felines do best; protected the foodstuff supply from rats and other vermin, this made him one of the most precious assets of the Allies.

8. Tuxedo Cats Are Good For Your Physical And Mental Health

Tuxedo cats love interacting and cuddling with their human owners. They are really affectionate and love curling up in their owner’s lap for a stroke.

Tuxedos understand your feelings, when you are sad and down, they will snuggle up to you and provide you that cat warmth and gentle purrs that calm your mind and acts as a therapy.

These cats have a lot of patience and they won’t care if you are mad at them because of your physical or mental pain.

They don’t like sneezes and coughs and will run away if you are sneezing or coughing. This is because they love to protect their immune system.

With a tuxedo in your home, no physical pain will last long. They will give you a perfect companion during this time, allowing you to recover soon. Their adorable nature works like a medicine and you need to own a tuxedo to experience this.

9. Tuxedo Cats Had Run for Office

In 2012, a Tuxedo cat contested for the office of mayor in Halifax, Canada. Even though this amazing cat did not win, the cat did raise awareness about the problem of stray cats across platforms.

The cat also motivated the Halifax City Council to provide a large donation to the region to facilitate a low-cost neuter and spay clinic. Unfortunately, this cat died in 2013 due to cancer, but not before he inspired the Tuxedo party.

So Tuxedo cats are very special cats that are known for their distinctive markings. 

They can be found in both long and short hair varieties, and come in various either black and white coats. Weighing around 12 pounds on average, they make excellent pets due to their even-tempered personality.