There are a few ways to repurpose furniture for cats:

1.Install a cat tree or scratching post on top of a sturdy bookshelf or armoire to give your cat a place to climb and scratch.

2. Add a cat bed or cushion to a windowsill or bookshelf to give your cat a cozy spot to rest.

3. Transform an old dresser or chest of drawers into a cat litter box cabinet by cutting a hole in one of the drawers and lining it with a plastic tray.

4. Create a cat play area by attaching toys and scratching materials to the sides of a low bookcase or coffee table.

5. Use a tension rod and a piece of fabric to create a DIY cat hammock that can be hung from a bookshelf or the back of a chair.

It is important to keep in mind that any furniture repurposed for cats should be sturdy and stable, and that your cat should have a safe and comfortable space to rest and play.