Bobo The Cat Works 12 Years at Store Without a Day Off

Bobo knows the importance of hard work and dedication.

Twelve years ago, when the ginger cat was just a little kitten, he found himself without a home.

Luckily, an employee of a little shop in Chinatown, New York, decided to bring Bobo to the store and let him live there.

Little Bobo quickly got to work and spent the following ten years proving himself to be a very dependable employee.


He handled all the essential tasks that needed doing in the shop, such as sitting on every random piece of cardboard, staring out the window, and meowing at customers.

Being the only cat in the shop, Bobo treated it like his little kingdom, which garnered him the nickname “King Bobo.”

And he very much enjoyed this acknowledgement of his regal aura.


Bobo spent ten years working at the shop, and never missed a single day of work.

Over the years, he made many friends and acquaintances and charmed his way into countless peoples’ hearts.


When Bobo had just moved into the store, a cat-loving lawyer supported the little cat by providing food for him and taking him for checkups at the vet.

She made sure he got all the shots he needed to live a good and healthy life.

Both employees and customers have been smitten by Bobo’s charm.

When Annie Liao began working at the shop in 2014, she quickly became Bobo’s closest friend and guardian.


Liao loved the sweet cat and even set up an Instagram account for him so that more people could enjoy his beauty and his adorable personality.

“Bobo’s personality is calm and friendly,” Liao said in an interview with Love Meow.


Though Bobo was the only cat in the shop, he never had to feel lonely.

He was surrounded by love and was admired by customers and employees alike.

And sometimes, his feline friend named Sushi would come and visit him in the store.


Bobo liked guiding customers through the store and would sit by the door and greet anyone who walked through it.

He loved his job and took great pride in his position as a bonafide NYC shop cat.


Then, after years and years of hard work, Bobo decided that it was time for a change.

It was time to slow down and embark on a new adventure.


And so, Bobo ended up finding a forever family!

Bobo moved out of the little shop and in with his new mommy, and started a new and exciting chapter of his life.


Bobo loves his new mommy and is thoroughly enjoying his new life.

All those years of hard work have truly paid off, and Bobo is very happy to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labour.

This sweet kitty can look forward to many joyful and loving years together with his mom, and he couldn’t be happier.

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