There are many ways to help Heartland Cat Rescue this year. Some of them include volunteering your time. There are tasks such as feeding feral cats and cleaning our cat condos at Petco Sebring. Moreover, we need help with our trap, neuter and release program. This helps to reduce the feral cat population here.

If you have time, there’ fostering a cat. Fostering can provide a temporary home for a cat in need. It also is a great way to help to socialize them before they go on to their forever home.

We do our best to help fosters and feral feeders with food and other necessities. This is where donations come in. We always can use supplies and of course cash so we can continue our support services. Donations can help with the costs of food, medical expenses, and other necessities for our volunteers and the cats.

If nothing else, it helps when people spread awareness about this organization to your friends and family. Spreading awareness about the organization can help it to grow and reach more people who can contribute to its mission. That means sharing Facebook posts, or re-tweeting our posts. Simply talking with others also can be very helpful.

Remember that every little bit helps and even the small actions can make a big difference for the cats. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Heartland Cat Rescue and find out how you can best support our efforts. You can email us a or contact us through our pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also hold adoption events the first weekend of each month at Petco Sebring.

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